Voice Projection Clock

8 Jan

Voice Projection Clock

dimension: 20*12*12

dark pink/pink 

1,voice controlled projection clock 
2,time,calendar&temperature display 
3,time projection 
4,alarm function 
5,back light

Clap the palm lightly around the product or tap the desk which putting the product on,or touch any position of the product,the backlight of the products will be turned on, That is convenient to watch the time at night.

Voice-control / Sound activated – Clapping hands nearby the clock, or gently knocking on the table where the clock places, or light touching any place on the clock, Time Projection and LCD backlight will be turned on automatically.
Time projection and Backlight turn on
Projection can be adjusted by revolving the round projection part, max angle: +/- 60° degree rotation
LCD display: 90mm x 41mm or 3.54 inch x 1.61 inch
Date display: Year, Month, Date, Week
Time display: Hour: Minute
12 or 24 hour format display
Alarm: Daily alarm , Snoozing function
Snoozing funtion
Digital Thermometer
Temperature display range: 0°C – 50°C or 32°F – 122°F
Calendar Time setting Range: Hour 01 – 12 or 0 – 2, Minute 0 – 59, Month 1 – 12, Date 1 – 31, Year 1900 -2099
Backlight and Projective Clock will be on for 5 seconds by pressing the rotating font>
Power by:3xAAA battery(not inclued)
Size: 163mm x 85mm x 70mm or 6.42 inch x 3.35 inch x 2.76 inch(LxWxT)


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