Doraemon Tumpuk

27 Feb

 Doraemon Tumpuk

See how many Doraemons you can Pile up on Top of Another!

Work on your Chopstick Skills!
Doraemon Darake is the perfect game to help you with your chopstick skills! It will take lots of skill and patience to stock Doraemon on top of each other!

Can you Handle the Pressure!?
The more Doraemon you put on top of each other, the more unstable the tower of Doraemon gets and the easier they will fall apart! Doraemon Darake will train you mentally and physically!

Comes with 13 Different Faces!
Just like in the cartoons, Doraemon has lots of facial expressions! Doraemon Darake comes with 13 different faces it gets more fun to pile them on top of each other!





2 Responses to “Doraemon Tumpuk”

  1. mochi lolli August 8, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    ini harganya berapa iya? ready ga? dan bisa mint no yg bisa di hub? thx

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